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Organic Peruvian Cacao

The Cocoda Story:

Cacao FarmThe story of our organic Peruvian cacao ‘Cocoda’ began over 10 years ago when the first idea spawned to create a truly superior drinking chocolate powder. One that is widely available and also expected within Australian cafes. Since this time, we tried different blends, different processes and worked tirelessly to perfect a recipe. A product that would stand out above others and set a new standard in Australia. Dedication and commitment to quality proved key to our success in achieving what we were looking for . Our passion for chocolate lead us deep into the country of Peru where we were able to source the highest quality cacao beans.

Our journey continued into Europe where we met with professional chocolatiers and discovered new ways of processing cacao. The results were compelling for us to realise we had found the perfect way to create our product. Much excitement followed this moment as we began testing different blends within Australian cafe’s.

We are now creating a fresh approach to the way we drink chocolate. Our philosophy is to elevate the characteristics of our core ingredient, organic Peruvian cacao. Our certified organic cacao is traditionally fermented, which is crucial in adding richness and removing tannins. We also use a famous Dutch process, which creates a darker, richer colour and mellows the cacao with earthy and woody tones.

Ethically Produced:

Ethical, environmental, economic, and social principles are fully integrated into every aspect of Cocoda’s activities.

We particularly focus on the sourcing of sustainable and ethically produced organic Peruvian cacao. Our supply partners have empowered and motivated communities to improve their economic well-being and quality of life. Supporting farmers via direct financial investment, awareness building on social and health issues, education and training on environmental matters, pre-harvest financing, and farmer extension services.

We are passionate about giving you a better, richer experience in every cup of Peruvian cacao.